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You may be having a couple of questions. Let us pre-empt them.

I am based in ‘mashinani’ , how does this directory help me?

Imagine someone, in town A, wants to gift a loved one a cake in town G. S/he has to make a thousand calls before a suitable baker is arrived at. By then it is too late or it is just too tiring to labor for love.

Okay, but I am doing good. Why should I consider being visible here?

Also imagine, as a baker, you are delivering a cake and then the unexpected happens. Either the icing is tampered with or the cakes moves from its center from the board and the only option is to do a quick fix. Sadly, you did not carry spares or extras and worse still, you may have hired the transporter. So, why not go to the directory and find someone near where you are to sort you out.

Better yet, why not get listed on BD and be that person who can be found at a click of a button.

I have better priorities other than BD. Why should I consider working with you?

Great question. Aren’t you tired of being asked by a potential client to ‘tuma picha kwanza’ of previous works before they agree to work with you. If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place because after listing with us, we will give you the link to your listing and you shall share it with your potential clients as well as for marketing purposes.

That is one less headache for you as you soar in your trade.

How frequently can I update the photos and information on my listing space?

Upon payment. Please contact us for further details.

I am a supplier and I have a stable network?

First, think of expanding your network of bakers. You will find it here. Second, think of where you can refer your client in case you are out of stock. You will find it here. That is a plus on customer care. Third, think of getting updates regarding market trends via newsletters engineered specifically for your trade. You will find it here.

I am a manufacturer. I don’t need this.

Before you write BD off, think of the following. Do you ever get feedback on the quality of your products? Do you ever get feedback on possible improvements of your products? Before the launch of your products, where do you source for pilot testing before market release?

Whether you are a large scale or small scale manufacturer, BD will be at hand to help you reach out to potential target market as well as get direct feedback from your consumers.

Source: Google

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